Never know what to get your parents? Here is the best gift guide for parents and grandparents. A great list of heartfelt sentimental gifts, plus practical and fun gifts to fit any age or hobby for the parent or grandparent in your life! Make sure to check out my other Gift Guides for Him, For Her, and more!

Chatbooks: The monthly subscription option is perfect for family members who live farther away and don’t get to see you or the kids that often. Use my code ADVENTUREWITHANNA for 20% off!

Caraway Ceramic Cooking Set: I have used this cooking set for almost a year now and it is still nonstick and looks amazing! The only 4 pieces you’ll ever need, and it comes with great organization items for storage. Use this link to save 20% off in November! In December this link gets you 10% off.

Heated Neck Wrap: These things are a lifesaver even for me! Perfect for the chilly nights coming up.

Digital Photo Frame: You can upload photos from thousands of miles away and it will update what’s being shown on the frame! One of my favorite gifts we’ve gotten for my grandma.

Wine Opener Kit: We have this electric wine opener, and it makes it so easy, it comes with some great accessories that any wine lover will enjoy.

Robe: These are all some great options depending on the style and fabric you love.

Half-baked Harvest Cookbook: Great for finding some new everyday recipes that anyone can make and enjoy! I love all of their recipes.

Catan Board Game: A fun strategy game to play as a family! You can also buy expansion packs if you have a bigger family.

Candle: Such a great scent without being overwhelming for those who are sensitive.

Minky: The softest blanket you will ever own. We have multiple for ourselves, the baby, and the dogs. They come in a ton of sizes and colors, plus my code ANNACOOK45 saves you 45%!

Slippers: These are so cute and soft, perfect for wearing around the house. They just slip on so you don’t have to bend down to put them on.

Paperwhite Kindle: I swear having one of these makes me read so much more! The paperwhite version allows you to read in direct sunlight as well, just like a real book. You can also make the font bigger or smaller and adjust the brightness.

Ancestry DNA Kit: Such a fun gift for those wanting to look more into their heritage/lineage.

Hatch Sunrise Alarm: This alarm clock slowly wakes you up by making its light get brighter and brighter. A much more relaxing way to wake up than just a jarring alarm.