The best gift guide for the homebody, from comfy blankets, and yummy drinks to entertainment. These will satisfy anyone this winter season while they cozy up at home. Make sure to check out my other gift guides: for her, for him, for the host, and more!

Minky: The softest blanket you will ever own. We have multiple for ourselves, the baby, and the dogs. They come in a ton of sizes and colors, plus using my code ANNACOOK45 saves you 45%!

Robe: I love all of my bamboo stuff from Cozy Earth, this looks amazing to lounge around in.

Slippers: These are so cute and soft, perfect for wearing around the house.

Uggs: You either hate them or you love them, but make sure to snag them before they sell out!

Candle: The yummiest candle smell without being overpowering.

Paperwhite Kindle: I swear having one of these makes me read so much more! The paperwhite version allows you to read in direct sunlight as well, just like a real book.

Hatch Rise Clock: This alarm clock slowly wakes you up by making its light get brighter and brighter. A much more relaxing way to wake up than just a jarring alarm.

Warming Coffee Mug: A must for any parent, someone who works from home, or just anyone who loves their coffee at a specific temperature all the time.

Nespresso Machine: Now that I finally like coffee, and more specifically espresso, this is high on my list!

Wiggle Pillow: This thing looks so cool! You can finally get comfy in any position you want!

Tablet Holder Stand: I have been eyeing one of these for my Kindle so I can read in bed more easily, haha.