A comprehensive gift guide for kids 0-3 years old that I have loved as a first-time mom this past year, things I plan on getting Alana for Christmas as a 1-year-old, and some popular friends’ favorites for the older toddlers. There is a wide range of learning toys, practical gifts, and big-ticket items that maybe grandparents can go in on. Make sure to check out my other gift guide for him, for her, for parents/grandparents, and more!

Slumberpod: The holy grail of travel baby products. Use it at grandma’s, in a hotel, camping, you name it. My number one favorite thing we’ve gotten this year.

Lovevery Play Kit Subscription: Such an awesome gift for grandparents to go in on. I love that the toys are more Montessori skilled, and are geared for their age.

Lalo High Chair: We love this high chair, machine washable and so easy to clean.

Solly Baby Wrap: A must-have for any parent with a newborn.

Wooden Walker: Way cuter than the normal plastic ones, but still has a fun color on it so it’s not “sad beige baby”.

Magic Touch Piano: I have this on Alana’s list this year. So cute!

Personalized Name Puzzle: A cute gift for a friend’s baby, and more affordable than you think.

Skip Hop Activity Center 3-in-1: We love this as it works for more than just the baby jumper years! Also, it’s not as musically loud as some of the others so it’s a little less overstimulating I think.

Bath Toys: Super simple and cute!

Retrospec Bike: This is perfect for the kids that aren’t ready for the Strider Balance, or are too short for that one. Alana is already showing interest in hers at 10 months old.

Ball Pit: A must-have for any parent this winter.

Lalo Big Bites Starter Kit: We love their eating sets!

Nugget Couch: This is all the rage and for good reason! We have this on Alana’s list this year as well. So fun and has worked for many years.

Tinyland Climbing Gym: My favorite thing I have on her list this year. It folds up to store it way smaller but it’s moveable and so cute!

Strider Balance Bike: Perfect for those kids who have outgrown the Retrospec or who are taller in general.

Bath Crayons: These are always a huge hit and they are nontoxic!

Magnatiles: Again, super popular with all ages. They go on sale frequently!

Tumble Blocks: Cute playroom gift for those older toddlers to get some energy out this winter.

Baby Doll: We have these on Alana’s list this year! A cute little soft baby doll set.

Crayola Easy Clean Finger Paint: A fun craft gift, we love washable paint!

Toddler Kitchen Tower: All the families I have nannied for have had one and loved it! So fun for them to help you in the kitchen.

Wobble Board: A fun gift for those daredevil or sports-driven older kids!

Play Tool Set: I love that this is Montessori problem-solving based but still simple and cute.

Tinyland Play Kitchen: The cutest play kitchen I have ever seen. On our list this year!

Infant Minky: The softest blanket ever and it comes in infant sizes or a range of others!