Between traveling constantly, hiking, and being a new mom, there are quite a few favorite products I use very frequently so I thought I would do a roundup of all my favorites for you all! Plus, a ton of these I have a discount for you, so you can try them as well. Please feel free to DM me at any time about any questions you have about these. Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means I may make a small commission off them at no extra charge to you. I only recommend my true favorites, so thank you for any support! Let’s get into it!

Travel + Outdoors:

GetOutPass: For all of you Utah locals, this is the best bang for your buck, especially in the winter season! It works across 31 states, but it is customized to the attractions near your zip code. You get free admission to hundreds of attractions like trampoline parks, arcades, Martial Arts Classes, museums, and more! Use my code: ADVENTUREWITHANNA for 30% off!

Mottera Van Rental: We used them for our road trip to Banff, they have locations in Jackson, Whitefish, SLC, Las Vegas, San Fran, Seattle, and Portland Maine. They have a ton of van options and it’s been my favorite layout I have ever stayed in.

Flight Deals: I use a combination of a few sites for different reasons. Embarcks is amazing to get not only flight deals but also hotel/transportation/activity recommendations for the place you are visiting. Flights From Home is my main one for all my local Utah and Las Vegas peeps as they solely send deals for these airports.

GetYourGuide Experience: They have experiences you can book pretty much anywhere in the world. This would be such a fun, unique gift to give someone!

Roam Luggage: They are fully customizable, with endless color options, and made in the US! I have their large expandable checked bag but they have all sizes! Use code ADVENTUREWITHANNA_ for 50$ off your purchase!

Columbia Newton Hiking Boots: These are the hiking boots you see me wear in almost all my videos/photos. They are lightweight, so cute and you don’t have to break them in!

Osprey Tempest 20L Backpack: I have used this backpack on all my day hikes in Utah, Canada, and Arizona. I love that it’s made for women so it fits better and I think it’s a great size for a day hike.


Dreamland Baby Footed Pajama Onesies: These are the ones I have Alana in most of the time. I love the quality and how soft they are, plus they have rollover cuff options in more than just newborn and 0-3 month sizing. Use my code ADVENTUREWITHANNA for 15% off!

Iksplor Merino Wool Onesie: This is the purple onesie you have seen Alana wear, I put this on her for warm-weather hiking, or as layers for colder-weather camping and under her snowsuit. Use my code ADVENTUREWITHANNA for 10% off!

Slumberpod: The holy grail of travel baby products. I have used this in countless hotels, at friends’ houses, camping, and more. My number one favorite thing we’ve gotten this year.

Lovevery Play Kit Subscription: Such an awesome gift for grandparents to go in on. I love that the toys are more Montessori skilled, and are geared for their age. 

Lalo High Chair: We love this high chair, machine washable and so easy to clean. 

Solly Baby Wrap: A must-have for any parent with a newborn. I used these exclusively for the first 5 months to get anything done haha. They have really beautiful prints and they fit any body size.

Tinyland Play Kitchen: The cutest play kitchen I have ever seen, I got this for Alana this past Christmas, and it’s the one you see a lot in my content. Does not come with food, I got that off Amazon here.

Hatch Sound Machine: A lifesaver. The app on your phone lets you control it and it’s been amazing. I would maybe get this version next time for late-night feeds since it has a clock built in.

UppaBaby Vista V2 Stroller with Winter Attachment: I have tried the Nuna Stroller with the family I nannied and I loved the Uppababy one more, and it hasn’t disappointed! We have ours in the oat color and then I also got the European muff attachment for the winter and it’s so worth it!

Copper Pearl Sleep Sacks: We started using these when she started to roll over and now she won’t sleep without them. They are such high quality for the price and they have endless colors and patterns. I also got a ton of her newborn/coming home outfits from them.

Snowsuit: When she was a newborn we had this North Face one, and this season she has this Burton snowsuit.


Vessi Womans Weekend Shoe: My favorite everyday white sneakers that I wear all the time, plus they are waterproof! Perfect with any outfit. 

Slowtide Quick Dry Towel: This is small, easy to pack, and is perfect for any beach vacation or for someone who is on the move a lot.

Slowtide Changing Poncho: I love these for pool, beach, or boat days! They have kids’ sizes as well, plus quick dry or thicker/warmer options.

Chatbooks: The monthly subscription option is perfect for family members who live farther away and don’t get to see you or the kids that often. I have one for every month of Alana’s first year of life, so she can have them forever. Use my code ADVENTUREWITHANNA for 20% off!

Skims Long Sleeve Crew Neck bodysuit: My staple black long sleeve you always see me wearing. It goes with everything and is so comfortable.

Abercrombie 90’s High Waisted Jeans: Okay we should all know these are the holy grail by now. I literally don’t own any other jeans, and they come in so many colors and they restock often. Plus their curve love options are the best some of my friends have ever tried.

Uncommon James Initial Necklace: I have this necklace that I layer with a longer one for everyday wear, it’s my “A” one. It has multiple length options and is pretty affordable for the quality compared to others on the market.

Paperwhite Kindle: I swear having one of these makes me read so much more! The paperwhite version allows you to read in direct sunlight as well, just like a real book. You can also make the font bigger or smaller and adjust the brightness.

Cozy Earth Pajama Set: I am not even joking when I say I have worn these every night for the last year and a half. They are still so comfortable and they have held up well.

Owala Water Bottle: I have three throughout my house and car, I drink so much more water with these and the straw is removable so you can wash everything well.


Artificial Olive Tree 6ft: This is the most real-looking tree I have found, and honestly so affordable! They have different size options as well, plus free returns if you don’t love the look of it.

Geometry Kitchen Towels: I only use these in our kitchen now. They have endless design options, absorb water, and are great for drying messes. Use my code AnnaCo15 to save 15%!

Minky: The softest blanket you will ever own. I have multiple for myself, Alana, and the dogs. They come in a ton of sizes and colors, plus using my code ANNACOOK45 saves you 45%!

Caraway Ceramic Cookware Set: I have used this cooking set for almost a year now and it is still nonstick and looks amazing! The only 4 pieces you’ll ever need, and it comes with great organization items for storage. Use this link to save 20% in November or 10% in December!

Ooni Pizza Oven: Makes a pizza in under 2 minutes and doesn’t take up too much space. Safe for apartment balconies as well!

Beauty + Wellness

Summer Fridays Lip Balm: The viral TikTok lip balm lives up to the hype. There is also a limited edition 3-pack if you can find it in stock here. 

Hair Stick: I love using this for my slick back ponytails, it’s easy to use, has no mess, and pretty affordable, and lasts forever!

Glow Beauty Detangling Hair Brush: I finally got rid of my old one (remember to wash your brushes and replace them often!) and I love the metal bristles on this one.

Emi Jay Mini Boar Bristle Brush: A staple to get the perfect slick back. It’s also so cute and small so it’s easy to pack.

Wild By Nature: I use the sleep gummies on nights when I still feel wired before going to bed and they have honestly really helped! I prefer them over melatonin.

Mary Ruth Organics: These are the multivitamins I use for Alana currently, but they have a ton of options for kids and adults! Use my code MROCOOK15 for 15% off!

MixHers: There are so many different ones to choose from depending on your needs or wants! My favorites I take daily are the Greens and Multi. 

Liquid IV: I take one of these daily as well! The lemon raspberry flavor is so good.