Rich and I got engaged in January of 2020, which feels like years ago since it was before all the craziness happened this year! We had been dating for about a year and had been talking about it so it wasn’t a huge surprise in that way but I had no idea what month etc. that he was going to propose. 

We were already going to Aspen Colorado at the end of January because it was my birthday weekend so we decided to do a little weekend getaway. It also happened that the winter X Games fell on that same weekend plus we were able to snowboard there with our IKON pass! I was convinced he wasn’t going to propose that weekend since there was so much going on, I wasn’t even thinking about it. 

Aspen is only a 6 hour drive from us in Salt Lake so we packed up the car and set out. We had booked this super cute A frame airbnb a little outside of Aspen so we dropped our stuff and headed to X Games. We got to see big air, half pipe and a few others at X Games and then we also had tickets to Illenium that evening! It was a super good concert and it was fun to watch X Games but to be honest it’s better to watch on TV, you can’t see as much in person because of how it has to be set up. Then saturday we went snowboarding at Aspen Snowmass which was a blast. Then we spent the evening walking around downtown Aspen and wanted to find a nice place for dinner. We ended up eating at this really good Italian restaurant, and while we were at dinner he started asking random questions about the proposal including if I would want to be proposed to at dinner hahaha. At this point I’m getting confused as to why he’s asking about it. But we leave dinner and start walking around some stores and looking at their Christmas lights that were still up and I think nothing of it for a bit. Then he wants to walk down this specific walkway with the lights to a bench and there aren’t many people around and he says we should sit down. Obviously I’m getting suspicious at this point again because he just kinda keeps looking around and not saying much for a minute but he wants us to stay sitting down. Then he finally gets down on one knee and asks but I don’t remember anything that he said of course (who does? I think we all black out haha), and of course I said yes! 

Then he proceeds to tell me how he had carried the ring around all day even while we were snowboarding because he didn’t know when the right time would be to ask me. He didn’t want to make a big scene while asking because he was nervous which is why we walked around for so long looking for a walkway with less people. It was so sweet and simple but also really memorable since we were on a little getaway and I’ll always love Aspen for that reason. We headed back to the airbnb that night and had a fire outside and sent photos to just our immediate family to tell them the news before announcing it the next day on social media. It was the perfect day and the perfect birthday weekend! I’m not sure how he’s ever gonna top that one haha! 

Sunday was my actual birthday and we spent the morning snowboarding at Aspen Mountain where we took the pictures you see below. It was such a pretty view at the top and we had lunch at the top as well. Then it was time to drive home and start wedding planning!