I get asked about my photography gear and set up quite a lot so I wanted to compile a list of everything I use so it’s easy to reference! Now some of these are “extras” and dont always fit into my camera bag but they are added into my setup depending on the type of trip I am taking or what I am shooting. 

If you have any questions please feel free to DM me on Instagram! 

Disclaimer: This post does contain some affiliate links, which means if you buy something my blog will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you

Canon 6D

This is the only camera body I shoot with. I have always used Canon and love them! 

50 mm Lens

My first lens I ever got. Mostly used for portraits, I would recommend getting this lens second or third depending on what type of content you are shooting. 

24-70mm Lens 

My newest and most favorite lens! Used for anything from landscapes, travel shots, portraits you name it. This is always my go to for most of my trips since it kind of does it all. 

Camera Tripod

Everyone needs a great one of these, especially for those solo trips! I like this one so far but I plan to get a heavier duty one soon.

SD Cards

You can never have too many of these! I always make sure I am using one that’s 170 mb/s because it’s one of the fastest processor times which allows for your camera to keep up when you are shooting a ton . 

Gopro Hero 8

I don’t use this as much as I wish I did but it comes in handy for any water/underwater shots I want to take or for fun adventure video short films. 


A must for shooting any sort of water or even if you are shooting any sort of subject during harsh lighting. 

Bluetooth remote 

My saving grace, along with the tripod, for solo trips or when my husband is just tired of helping me haha. I haven’t found one I really really love yet but this one does the job just fine! 

iPhone Tripod

I use this for filming reels or stories mostly!

Ring Light

Comes in handy for product photography or short videos I need to film at home and also can be just used as a tripod.

Camera Cleaning Kit

Comes with all the basics for cleaning your gear. 

Double Camera Battery Charger plus Rechargeable Batteries

Can never have too many of these! 

3 in 1 USB C to USB Camera Memory Card Reader Adapter

This works for my Apple laptop, if you use a different brand or have an older Apple computer I would double check if this will work for you.